Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Copyright and Trademark Ownership Notice

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  1. uCrack iFix will repair your device as described and for the charges shown on our website uCrackiFix.com.au or shown in an official quote personalised for you. Any auto generated quote is not considered an official quote, and should only be used as a guide to charges.  (unless such charges are revised with your oral or written consent).
  2. Any work done by uCrack iFix, may void any outstanding warranty.
  3. uCrack iFix will assess the equipment to determine the repairs which are required. uCrack iFix will repair your product as described and for the charges discussed (unless such charges are revised with your oral or written consent). Your payment is due before your device is returned to you. Unless specified otherwise, the estimated quote for a repair includes all parts and labour.
  4. We reserved the right to charge an additional $30 fee for incorrectly identified devices, when identified by you, upon your request for a repair. This is to cover cost of restocking, as well as the cost of reserving the incorrectly identified parts.  An incorrectly identified device will be exempted from any time limitations put on the repair, even if this reduced repair time is included as an additional charge.  You may request your device be returned to you, but you will be liable for the $30 incorrectly identified device fee.
  5. If the requested repairs require labour and/or parts not specified above, uCrackiFix.com.au may seek your approval of a revised estimate. If you do not agree that uCrackiFix.com.au may revise the charges, uCrackiFix.com.au may return your iPhone/iPod Touch without repair in a state that is as close to its originally state as possible.
  6. To the maximum extent permitted by law, uCrackiFix.com.au, will under no circumstances be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from performance of any repair services, including but not limited to loss of revenue; loss of actual or anticipated profits (including loss of profits on contracts); loss of the use of money; loss of anticipated savings; loss of business; loss of opportunity; loss of goodwill; loss of reputation; loss of, damage to, or corruption of data; or any costs of recovering, programming, or restoring any program or data stored or used with your product and any failure to maintain the confidentiality of data stored on your product. The foregoing limitation shall not apply to death or personal injury claims. uCrackiFix.com.au specifically does not warrant that it will be able to (i) repair or replace your product without risk to or loss of programs or data, and (ii) maintain the confidentiality of data. If any product should be damaged or lost while in uCrackiFix’s custody, uCrack iFix’s liability will be limited to the cost of repair or replacement of the affected product. Otherwise, uCrack iFix’s liability for any and all damage shall in no event exceed the payments received by uCrack iFix for services provided pursuant to these terms. The remedies set forth herein shall be your sole and exclusive remedies for any breach by uCrack iFix under these terms and conditions. uCrack iFix is not liable for loss or corruption of data or your confidential, proprietary or personal information or removable data. Before you bring in your product for any repair service, you should backup your data and remove any confidential, proprietary or personal information and removable media such as floppy disks, cds or pc cards.
  7. If you have not claimed your product and paid all charges due within sixty (60) days after being notified by uCrack iFix that your product has been repaired, uCrack iFix will consider your product abandoned. uCrack iFix will provide such notice to you at the; mailing address, email address or phone number you furnished when you authorised the repairs. uCrack iFix may dispose of your product in accordance with applicable provisions of law, and, specifically, may sell your product at a private or public sale without liability to you. uCrack iFix reserves its statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges.
  8. uCrack iFix warranty covers only the parts replaced or repaired. It does not cover additional problems that may arise after (or during) the repair. For example; a glass screen (and digitiser) repair does not automatically cover problems with the LCD, home button, ear piece or proximity sensor. No warranty is given on devices that have undergone liquid or water damage.
  9. All postage is to be paid by you (the customer) and uCrack iFix will not be held responsible for any postage charges, or devices that are lost or go missing in the mail. It is your responsibility to select a form of postage, as well as appropriate insurance when you send your device to us.

Privacy Policy


uCrack iFix respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy sets out the processes and procedures which uCrack iFix will follow in relation to the treatment of personal information. It includes information on how uCrack iFix collects, uses, discloses and secures customer information. This policy also includes information about accessing and correcting personal information. This policy has been drafted having regard to uCrack iFix’s obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the new National Privacy Principles (the Privacy Act). This Policy is a public document.

1. Your privacy is important to us

uCrack iFix takes its responsibility to protect your personal privacy seriously and recognises that you have a right to control, and have access to, your personal information. uCrack iFix only stores statistical information about you. We do not obtain any personal information unless you choose to give it to us. The types of information we may collect include referring sites, browser used, pages visited within the uCrack iFix website (www.uCrackiFix.com.au) and other generic measures of user activity. This information is then used to measure the number of visitors to different sections of our site and thus assists us in making our site more useful to users.

2. Using and disclosing your personal information

uCrack iFix will not use or disclose any information about you without your consent.

3. uCrack iFix membership types

uCrack iFix has 2 levels of ‘membership’ referred to as Customer Accounts and Affiliate Accounts.

4. Collecting personal information about you:

When you engage in certain activities on this site, uCrack iFix may ask you to provide certain information about yourself by filling out and submitting an online form. Compliance with this request is optional (except in the case of buying, selling or trading were supply of information is mandatory to complete the repair). uCrack iFix only uses personal information to better understand your needs and interests and to provide you with a more personalised service. There are two types of information we collect about you:

Personal information:

This is information that is associated with the personal details you have chosen to provide when entering the uCrack iFix Repair Request. The accuracy of the information provided is outside of uCrack iFix’s control. uCrack iFix’s online forms are enabled with field verification technology, which is only used to validate the format of the data provided. Field verification technology cannot validate the accuracy of the data provided. uCrack iFix understands that many people choose to create an alias as a means of identification when it comes to subscribing to particular types of membership. uCrack iFix will continue to refer to you by the name or alias that you have chosen, for as long as you choose not to update your personal profile. uCrack iFix does not collect information about you from other organisations or from websites outside of the uCrackiFix.com.au website. uCrack iFix will not disclose your name, email address, postal address or any other directly identifying information relating to you with any third parties, unless prior written consent has been granted.

Non-personal information:

This is information that is associated with usage and service operation and is not associated with a specific personal identity. uCrack iFix collects and analyses non-personal information to evaluate how visitors use our website. Non-personal data collected may include the pages visited on the uCrack iFix website, unique URL’s visited within uCrackiFix.com.au, browser type and IP address. Most non-personal data is collected via the use of HTTP headers, cookies or other analysis technologies. The uCrackiFix.com.au website uses web technologies for data analysis and personalisation services. uCrack iFix may also places adverts and banners on other websites that may use these web based technologies. Should you decide that you do not want uCrack iFix to retain any personal or non-personal information, you can use the Preferences option on your browser program to remove all cookies and to set the browser option not to accept cookies in the future.

5. Securing your privacy

Several tools, policies and protocols have been used to safeguard the submission of information through the uCrack iFix website. Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day functioning of the entire operating environment, as part of our continuing commitment to the security of electronic content and electronic transmission of information.

6. Storage of your personal information

uCrack iFix will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information which is held about you. uCrack iFix staff and all contractors who provide services related to our information systems are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by uCrack iFix. uCrack iFix will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal information. To assist in keeping your personal information secure, you must never divulge your login details to any other party. Please notify us immediately if there is any unauthorised use of your account or any other breach of security.

7. Our use of cookies

When you visit uCrackiFix.com.au, you can access important information without revealing your identity. In order to provide you with a more personalised website experience, we might use cookies to track your visit. A cookie is small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a Web server and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. It functions as your identification card, recording your information and preferences. It cannot be executed as code or to deliver viruses. While uCrack iFix might use cookies to track your visit to uCrackiFix.com.au and our web servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, this information does not identify you personally and you remain anonymous unless you have otherwise provided uCrack iFix with personal information. If you do not wish to receive any cookies you may set your browser to refuse cookies. In some instances this may mean you will not be able to take full advantage of parts of the uCrack iFix website. The use of cookies can enhance your enjoyment of what is offered by uCrack iFix, because they can help personalise your experience of our website. They can make it easier for you to shop online and can ensure that the information provided to you is most relevant to your needs and interests. Cookies can provide us with aggregated information on how people use our website, and which advertisements are effective, thus helping us to continually improve our website.

8. Unsolicited email commonly known as SPAM

uCrack iFix is a strong advocator against SPAM, and as such, uCrack iFix will not send SPAM. We may however send you newsletters, product updates and discounts when you register an account at the store. If you have filled out the contact form for a repair (http://ucrackifix.com.au/contact/contact-form/) we also might contact you from time to time, offering you advanced access to new features, discounts and other bonuses that we feel will be of some beneficial value to you. Should you ever wish to cease receiving correspondence from uCrack iFix, please follow the instructions on how to remove yourself from our mailing list (this information is available on all mass produced uCrack iFix correspondence). Alternatively, you can login to your personal profile via the store.uCrackiFix.com.au website and modify your profile accordingly. Should you choose to communicate your request to be removed from such a list using either email or use one of our personal contact forms, please allow seven days for this request to be processed.

9. uCrack iFix and third party links

uCrack iFix provides links to third party websites that are not under the control of uCrack iFix. Subsequently, we cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of companies linked to our website. Before disclosing your personal information on any other website, uCrack iFix strongly recommends that you examine the terms and conditions of using their website.

10. What to do if you have a problem or question

uCrack iFix takes issues concerning privacy seriously and will endeavour to address these concerns immediately. If you have any further queries relating to our privacy policy, or if you have a problem or complaint, please contact us via our feedback form or alternatively please contact one of our customer service representatives.

11. Changes to our policies

uCrack iFix is committed to being one of Australia’s leading e-commerce websites. As such, future additions and enhancements to the features of the uCrackiFix.com.au website are envisaged. uCrack iFix reserves the right to change our privacy policy as deemed necessary and will notify you of any changes via the uCrackiFix.com.au website.

12. Further information on privacy in Australia

For more information about privacy issues in Australia and protecting your privacy please visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website.

1.       uCrack iFix warranty covers only the parts replaced or repaired. It does not cover additional problems that may arise after (or during) the repair. For example; a glass screen (and digitiser) repair does not automatically cover problems with the LCD, home button, ear piece or proximity sensor. No warranty is given on devices that have undergone liquid or water damage.

2.       uCrack iFix’s liability for any and all damage shall in no event exceed the payments received by uCrack iFix for services provided pursuant to these terms.