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iPod Touch Repairs Brisbane

iPod touch repairs are very similar to the iPhone repairs. The most popular repair that we come across is the iPod Touch Screen replacement. There are 5 generations of iPod Touchs’  and it is very important to find out which type yours is.

First step to identify the type of iPod Touch is finding out if it has a camera.

If Yes; It is either a 4th Generation or a 5th Generation. Check the model number to confirm.

If No; it is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation. Check the model number to confirm.

iPod Touch Model Number*
iPod Touch 1st Generation A1213
iPod Touch 2nd Generation A1288
iPod Touch 3rd Generation A1318
iPod Touch 4th Generation A1367
iPod Touch 5th Generation A1421
*Model Number can be found by looking at the back of the iPod Touch

iPod Touch Screen Repairs Brisbane

iPod Touch screen repairs are one of the most common iPod repairs we do. We do not repair regular iPod (such as the classic) only the iPod Touch.

The screen repairs range from $50-$130 depending on the generation. However, your best option is to send us an email, letting us know what iPod touch model you have,  and your problem so we can recommend the best course of action for your specific device.

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