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iPad Screen Repairs Brisbane

The first step to get an iPad Screen repaired is to identify your iPad Model. You can do this by turning it over, and looking at the model number written on the back.

Compare it to the table below, to identify which model you have.



Type Model


iPad 1st Generation WiFi Only A1219
iPad 1st Generation 3G A1337
iPad 2nd Generation WiFi Only A1395
iPad 2nd Generation 3G A1369
iPad 3rd Generation WiFi Only A1416
iPad 3rd Generation 4G** A1430
iPad 4th Generation WiFi Only A1458
iPad 4th Generation 4G A1459
iPad Mini WiFi Only A1432
iPad Mini 4G A1454
*Model Number can be found on the back of the device

** Technically 4G but in Australia only runs on 3G

The price of an iPad repair does really depend on the model number, and the problem you have. The most common iPad repair, is an iPad screen replacement.

In most cases, you are better off contacting us so we can give you a custom quote unique to your situation.

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iPad Mini Screen Repairs Brisbane

iPad Mini Repairs are still very new, we do have access to the parts but often we only keep a few in stock. However, that doesn’t mean we do not have an iPad mini screen for your device. Just contact us and we can work out the best way for us to fix it for you.

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If your iPad looks like any of these; don’t hesitate to contact us for an iPad repairs in Brisbane.