iPhone Repairs for People Wiith No Time to Spare

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iPhone Repairs in Brisbane

iPhone Repairs for People with No Time to Spare

uCrack iFix has been performing iPhone Repairs in Brisbane for several years, and we have a  reputation for being the place to come to, if have no time to spare and need your iPhone repaired.

We provide superior customer service, with honest advice. This means that if we think there is a better option for your to get your device working, we will suggest it. Even if it means we do not make any money. We take pride in giving you all of your options, and leaving the final choice up to you. We hope that you will have it repaired, but sometimes there is another option that may be more beneficial for your specific situation.

We are the industry leader in iPhone Repairs, and we were the only iPhone Repairer who made it into the finals of Quest Community Newspaper Business Achievers Award.

What has made uCrack iFix the industry leader is;

  • Fast 30 minute repairs (for most repairs)
  • All Budgets Welcomed (generic and original parts available)
  • Simple easy process for repairs (We have On-line Bookings, so you do not need to call)
  • Free Cases or Screen Protector with every repair*
  • 12 month warranty on repairs**

We provide repairs for;

iPhone Repairs iPod Touch Repairs iPad Repairs HTC Repairs Samsung Galaxy Repairs

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Free your iPhone from Your Network!

uCrack iFix also provides official network unlocks, which will let you use your phone on any network, worldwide.

Our Unlocks are not software, you do not need to bring your phone to us. We mark your phone as unlocked in the Apple Database, and it will stay unlocked forever.

An Unlock can be useful if you are;

Selling your iPhone

On average iPhone sell for more if they are unlocked. It gives more people the chance to purchase your phone, as they can use it on their network. This means that there is more competition for your phone, which means that you will get more money for it.  uCrack iFix recommends purchasing an official network unlock if you are thinking about selling your phone.

Changing Networks

Many network providers, such as Telstra or Optus, offer iPhone’s when you sign up for a plan. The catch is that often this phone is locked to their network. This means that you can not use it on any other network, and it enabled the network provider to recoup the cost of the iPhone over the life of your contact.
The problem is that  if you sell your phone, and someone else ends up with it and wants to use it on another network, they are unable to do so.

Unlocking your iPhone, means that you can use it on any network you want.

Going overseas

You may still be in a contract with a network provider, but are travelling overseas. You do not want to bring your simcard with you, due to the massive international roaming charges.

You will want to take your phone with you, so you can access facebook, email and the web easily. Most people will purchase a pre-paid simcard in the country that has data. The problem is that you can not use this simcard if your phone is locked to the network provider.

We offer a way to use that phone on any network you want. You can even do it when you are already overseas. We do not require the phone, only the IMEI number

More details can be found on our iPhone Unlocks Page


Mail in Repairs

We also provide repairs for customers outside of Brisbane, who want to mail in their iPhones to us to be repaired.

Please see the Mail in iPhone Repairs Page for more details.




*When in stock, if not a voucher or gift card will be issued to claim a discount on our on-line store

** only on parts replaced, void if the phone is dropped or broken again