Free Jailbreaking?

I have been continually questioned if I should be offering free jail breaking, or at least advertising it. People seem to believe that it is illegal. This is wrong, it is not illegal just apple does not like it. I could go into much more depth but it would be irrelevant. All I want to say is that it would be more illegal to ask people to pay for jailbreaking, as the software is freely availab…

We Finally Have a Web page!


My Name is Chris and I am behind uCrack iFix.  You have already worked out that uCrack iFix is a business dedicated to repairing mobile phones. We do specialise repairing iPhones, and we have the most experience with them. I have owned every type of iPhone and several 3Gs’. We have also extensive experience with all the various firmware. I have been using, repairing, fixing, upgrading,…

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